coil wrapping machine

Many products is make into coil form in proudction for easy handling, transportation and strorage.

So for protecting the coil package, the manufacturer developed some packaging way.


  1. By wrapping:   The coil wrapping is the most popular way for coil packing.coil wrapping machine

This is an solution to do eye through coil packing.

Coil wrapping machine from the market was designed for durability and performance both working for  small and heavy coil load. Some of company providing the fully automatic and featuring a modularized system with automation electrical control. These machines are perfect for wrapping coil shaped products in a spiral style. With a smart and compact design, our coil wrapping machines.

For steel coil wrapping, the paper was fixed next to the wrapping station and packging material stock around the ring in wrapping.

2. Coil shrinking machine

Shirnking machine for covering the coil with shrink  film, after passing throught the shrinking tunnel, the coil will be well shrink wrapped with good looking surface. But this solution usually used to small coil packing. Because of the shrinking tunnel is limited size.

So this coil shrink wrap solution used to packing the cable coil, wire coil, hose coil…

coil shrink wrap machine

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