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Pallet inverter manufacturer and pallet changing solution

  The pallet inverter for turning the pallet 90 degree that is for easy changing the pallet from bottom. FHOPE Providing: 1 safety PLC for line control and tracking based on Siemens s7-1517f. 2 operator stations. 4 push button station or remote controller. Pallet size: Length:1200mm x Width1200mm x H2400mm Max.Weight;2T 1 drive lineup panel

Special designed Upender

Fhope is the main manufacturer for tilter.According to different driving modes, the tilting device can be divided into hydraulic turnover machine and mechanical  turnover machine.The power of the hydraulic tilter is an oil pump, and its strength is stable, and it can carry out product turnover in the range of 90 degrees or 180 degrees.

Mechanical turnover machine

More information: The die turnover machine is mainly used for the turnover requirements involved in the production and use of the die. It is widely used in large-scale over weight model turning, square / cylindrical mold turning and coil turning The picture above shows steel coil, wire rod and aluminum coil. We will study the


自动收卷捆扎机是由风鼎机械专业工程团队设计的机器,适用于各种塑料软管卷材。 自动PVC管材收卷机,自动PU管收卷机 自动软管收卷机FCL-800是一条完整的包装线,可以自动完成一系列完整的步骤,从固定长度,然后缠绕,切割,捆扎,缠绕到生产线的末端步骤。 机器皮带和接线端子通过安全焊接自动调整。捆扎完成时,电机会自动关闭。 功能: 软管的长度可以调节。 它可以是4,6,8英尺甚至更长。表面可为光滑和波浪。我们可以使用两种基本的包装方法,使产品的包装更快,更紧凑和美观。捆绑打包机时,聚丙烯包装材料具有很好的密封性。 机器皮带和接线端子通过安全焊接自动调整。捆扎完成后,电机会自动关闭。


风鼎机械: 在线封切包装 顶部压实装置可压紧pe膜,然后再封切。膜张力可调。 方案视频:   更多自动化包装尽在,—风鼎机械


风鼎机械:机械式翻转机     Fhope机械式提升机保持倾斜产品的稳定性,能显著的提高工作效率,使液压提升机能顺利有效地处理繁重的工作。 产品特点: 1.独立的控制面板。 2.变频调速控制,允许速度调整。 3.稳定的运转,斜齿轮和蜗轮减速机。 4.微型调节机构使机器在不规则地板上可调。 5.采用电动和机械位移限制器,使其安全运行。 6.位置锁定功能,允许机器在任何角度停留。 7.维护简单。 8.在安全操作时,机器会自动定位固定位置。 9.坚固耐用的结构。 10.滑动台装置:可控制台面向外伸展。便利机器表面物体的移动。 机械翻转机主要用于模具生产和使用时所涉及到的翻转需求。它应用于大型超重模型翻转、方型/圆柱形模具翻转以及线圈翻转、…上图为钢卷、线材、铝卷。我们将为客户进行工艺流程的研究,降低不必要的损耗简化生产流程,进而提供“物超所值”的设备。我们拥有先进的技术和经验丰富的技术人员,严格的检验测试标准确保了产品的效率和质量。 更多自动化包装尽在,—风鼎机械

stretch wrapping  & packaging station

LED flood lightsThere are many applications for LED lights. Different applications and environments have different values. However, if it is used at home, it is still recommended that you buy large brand lamps and lanterns, and buy them at regular stores. Do not listen to the propaganda of the merchants easily.

automatic sealing, wrapping machine

  Cable packing machine High Bay Led Shop Lights  LED effect is good? This article gives you the answer! With the economic progress, cars have gradually entered the homes of more and more people. At the same time, the performance of cars has been increasingly valued. Even a headlight is no exception. Many people have been

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