Month: September 2020

Automatic cable winding and packing machines

Automatic cable winding and packing machines There are many types automatic cable coiling machine, winding and packing solutions: The solution includes: automatic coiling machine, automatic strapping machine, automatic wrapping machine… The cable manufacturer is able find the proper solution per size and packaging goal from FHOPE who is one of the best manufacturer in China.

Pallet inverter manufacturer and pallet changing solution

  The pallet inverter for turning the pallet 90 degree that is for easy changing the pallet from bottom. FHOPE Providing: 1 safety PLC for line control and tracking based on Siemens s7-1517f. 2 operator stations. 4 push button station or remote controller. Pallet size: Length:1200mm x Width1200mm x H2400mm Max.Weight;2T 1 drive lineup panel